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  • Kylmyys

    August 26, 2019 by

    Occultist Kylmyys Whisperweaver Professor of Demonology Argent Dawn RP EU (Retail) Race: Blood ElfClass: Occultist (Warlock)Age: AdultEye color: EmeraldHeight: 190 cmBody Shape: ThinBirthplace: Sunstrider IsleResidence: Sunstrider IsleRelationship status: Single Physical Description Kylmyys is a tall man with pale, bony features. There is a hint of malice in his unwavering smile. Personality Traits A hedonist through… Read more

  • Polku

    August 26, 2019 by

    Hunter Polku Lehto Rotting Hunter Argent Dawn RP EU (Retail) Race: UndeadClass: HunterAge: Died as a young adultEye color: BlackHeight: 178 cmBody Shape: Hard to tell with most of it rotten away…Birthplace: A now-eradicated farm near DeathknellResidence: Hard to tell with most of it rotten away…Relationship status: Single Physical Description The rumor is that Polku… Read more

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